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Welcome to Selous Mbega Camp     Quick view on photo gallery

The Selous Mbega Camp situated in its own forest reserve, built in 2000, is the original camp set up along the mighty Rufiji River near the Mtemere Gate, the Eastern gate to the Selous Game Reserve. It is our head quarters for operations in the Selous, and offers Boat Safaris on the Rufiji River, Walking Safaris and Game Drives as well as cultural village trips to the Mloka village. Fishing excursions on the Rufiji River can also be arranged. Read more ...

Check out lovely images within and around our camp here.


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Kisaki Annex     About the Camp

The Selous Mbega Camp Kisaki Annex set atop a hill looking at the Selous Game Reserve as well as the Uluguru Mountains, built in 2010, is the extension to our operations within the Selous Game Reserve, and is set up near the village of Kisaki and the Matambwe Gate, the North- western gate to the Reserve. The Kisaki Annex offers mainly Game Drives to the Hot Springs and the Grave of Frederick Courtney Selous as well as Walking Safaris to Kisaki Village as a cultural trip. Both of our camps can be combined very well in our MBEGA SPECIAL SAFARI in order to give you the fullest Selous Game Reserve expierence. Read more ...


Mbega Reverine Forest     Mbega special safari
One of the main attractions of staying at the Selous Mbega Camp (Main Camp at the Rufiji River) is that it is located in a Riverine Forest of which the Selous Mbega Camp owns the largest part of 60 hectares. The forest is only shared with the Selous River Camp and the Hippo Camp and is the home to the variety of smaller larger creatures of which some only exist in this forest area and have become very much used to the peace they get within the Selous Mbega Camp area, making them relatively easy to spot by any visitor to the camp. Read more ...    

Rufiji River     Sundowner

The largest river in Tanzania with its spectacular array of plants and animals can be devided into four distinct parts. Starting up river where rivers like the Luwegu and Kilombero (Ulanga) form to become the Rufiji River at the Shuguli falls. Then flowing North- East through the Selous Game Reserve to be joined by the Ruaha River, entering its second part when entering the Stieglers Gorge. Here the Rufiji River makes his path through a 8 km narrow canyon, only approximatly 100 metres wide. In this gorge the river heads down over rapids known as "Pangani Rapids", Conman´s Foil and Ropeway Rapids. Finally flowing out into a wide area where it splits into many different channels and lakes known as Lake Tagalala, Lake Manze, Lake Nzelekela, Lake Siwandu and Lake Mzizimia, the actual photographic tourist game viewing area within the Selous Game Reserve. Read more ...


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