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One of the main attractions of staying at the Selous Mbega Camp (Main Camp on the Rufiji River), is that it is located in a Riverine Forest, of which the Selous Mbega Camp owns the largest part of 60 hectares.

The forest is only shared with the Selous River Camp and the Hippo Camp and is the home of a variety of larger and smaller creatures of which some only exist in this forest area, and have become very much used to the peace they get within the Selous Mbega Camp area, making them relatively easy to spot by any visitors to the camp.

Below are a couple of the unique creature characters living in the Riverine Forest, see if you will be able to see them while you stay at the Selous Mbega Camp.


Number One of our Mbega forest little five:The Angolan Black & White Colobus Monkey of course.

  Number Two is the endangered Rufous Elephant Shrew.



Number Three is the more common Monitor Lizard. These guys were just filmed by a film crew in 2008/2009 for a documentary here at the Selous Mbega Camp.   Number Four is the more elusive Suni.
And last but not least, number FIVE, the Red Forest Squirrel.    

These cover the Mbega forest little five, but we also get other visitors to the Mbega forest such as Red Duiker, Bushbuck, the Striped Zanj Squirrel, the not every time welcome, Yellow baboons and many more...


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